About Us

“Where did you get that cool cover?”

Wrapskins is dedicated to helping our customers wear their hearts on their sleeves! Our family founded Wrapskins with a vision of balancing the best in product quality with philanthropy. Our commitment is to provide you the coolest, highest-quality cover possible for your phone, tablet, laptop, and gaming systems while donating 10% of your purchase price to well-deserving charities. All of our designs reflect the spirit of the charities we partner with, enabling you to share their story when people ask. 

Howdy! My name is Taylor Moser. I come from a long line of craftsmen, engineers and tinkerers. My grandfather (Tom) is a renowned aerospace engineer and Texas rancher. My Dad (Matt) is a successful home designer and builder. Me? I’ve worked with my hands all my life, whether building elaborate models for school projects, or designing and building a pick-up truck from scratch. Tom and Matt taught me that if you keep the bigger picture in mind, you can be a stickler for detail and produce something that’s both elegant and practical.

Founded & Operated by Disabled Veterans.

After a tour of service in the U.S. Marines, I returned home knowing that I wanted to continue doing good in this world: build a business and serve a bigger purpose. I decided to stick with what I’m good at: working with my hands, making things that are both beautiful and practical. But, I wanted to go a step further: why couldn’t I also merge the practical (creating a business) with the beautiful (supporting good causes)?

The result became Wrapskins. I hope y’all are as excited as I am by this wonderful mission we’ve embarked on!